A brand is more than a logo - let me break it down.

Imo Creative - A brand is more than a logo.

Now that you’ve figured out your value you can start building your brand. It’s hard and sometimes impossible to change your brand image, so it’s best to have a clear vision for what you’re aiming for, before you invest your time and money.

It can look a little overwhelming but remember no-one knows your service/ product like you do. Have fun, enjoy this process and take it seriously because your brand will form the foundation for your business.



Get out a notepad and pen. Define your offer in response to these elements below. It will become a reference and touch-point for you over the next couple of years as you develop your business.

Feel free to email your notes to me, I love hearing your wild ideas!

Your brand is made up of elements that communicate your value.


Brand Identity - how people recognise your brand.

These are the visual elements that make up your branding - logo, colours, fonts, photography. Keep it simple and consistent - do it once and do it well. A strong brand should be easily recognisable.

Brand Image - the idea people develop in their minds about your brand.

Pick your place, if you offer a luxury service / product there is no use offering a budget option - you may think it broadens your audience but in fact it will just confuse your customers.

Brand Positioning - where you place yourself in the market.

Define your exact target-market and make it specific - you’ll be more successful if you have a clear idea of who your customer is and where to find them.

Brand Personality - personal qualities people associate with your brand.

Choose language, colours and design elements that represent your brands personality- are you youthful, casual, professional?

Brand Equity - what value people view your brand.

It’s important that your branding reflects your price-point. Make your value obvious - so you don’t have to waste your time trying to ‘sell yourself’.

Brand Experience - every customer touch-point.

How do you want your customer to feel when they come across your brand? This ‘essence/ feeling’ should be injected into everything you do. Your language, packaging, email communication etc. Consistency through your customer’s journey will make your business feel more professional, professional = trust.

Brand Differentiation - what makes your brand unique.

Your story makes your brand unique, the reason you started and your passion will make what you have to offer different to the next person. The most powerful tool you have is your stories - your knowledge, education and experience - share it.

Brand Communication - the message you deliver.

Stand for something. There’s a reason you’re a small business owner - it’s because you’re passionate and have something to say. Share your message and keep it simple! For example: I’m dedicated to empowering and educating small business in branding & marketing - so I write blogs like this in hope you walk away motivated, having learnt something new.

Brand Gap - a successful brand must be able to deliver what it promises.

Come up with a ‘brand promise’ at the end of each job / sale - ask yourself; “have I delivered what I promised’. Your going to face big problems if your answer is no. Identify where you’re going wrong and make some changes - it could be something as simple as changing your promised time frames. It’s better to be honest about how long a job takes than overpromise and under-deliver.

Brand Extension - going beyond your origins and exploring newer fields.

Dream big - always. I’m sure as a small business owner your ‘plans’ go beyond what you’re currently doing.
Write down your big, wild dreams, tell people - put it out to the universe and manifest it.
Your power is stronger than you could ever imagine.